A blog for anyone interested (or obsessed) with salt dough.

May 30, 2012

Hello, I’m Kathy and this is my first ever post in my first ever blog.

As the title indicates I am obsessed with salt dough.  It’s my career and passion and this blog is a way for me to reach out to anyone who might also be interested.

My entire life has been spent wondering what I wanted to do when I grew up and at 39+ years of age I suddenly realize that I know. Actually I knew 15 years ago when I found a few salt dough gingerbread men in a local boutique and quickly thought of a reason to grab all 4 of them on the shelf.

my version

This obsession with salt dough immediately became my full-time career and passion. With dozens and dozens of craft shows behind me, I now have an online shop  at cookiedoughcreations.etsy.com and a desire to keep making dough ornaments as long as my hands and will holds out.

This blog is for anyone who is interested in salt dough, who has dabbled in it or maybe just wants to chat about it.

Thanks for visiting and hope you’ll be back.

Find me at cookiedoughcreations.etsy.com                                                    zibbet.com/cookiedoughcreations / pinterest.com/cookiedoughcrea

one of my most loved

my newest


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