Hey! It’s a CIJ Scavenger Hunt with over $250 worth of prizes!!

July 12, 2012

Thoughts For Today – Christmas In July Scavenger Hunt!

How many of you love scavenger hunts? Better yet – how many of you love to win prizes?   🙂
I’d like to share a fun scavenger hunt game starting THIS SATURDAY hosted by the Etsy team, A Handcrafted Christmas. There will be over $250 worth of prizes given away – And there is no purchase necessary!
How does this fun game work???
 Easy! Right now the link to the starting page just has the game info and details… but on SATURDAY there will be a link added leading you to another Etsy shop. Click on that link and look through the next Etsy shop’s listings/photos and find the picture of Rudolph. In that listing you will find a link leading you to the next Etsy shop! Be sure to keep track of the Etsy shops and keep the correct order. Fun and easy!
(You can read more details about the scavenger hunt game and additional ways to enter in the link provided at the bottom of this post.)
Ready to see the prizes awarded?
Who’s going to play???  🙂
Remember, it doesn’t start until this SATURDAY, the 14th! Here is the starting link with more details and info on the scavenger hunt. On Saturday you will find the link added that leads you to the next Etsy shop in the game! Have fun!

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