Careful what you wish for. . .

February 13, 2013

Something our mothers have said to us that we never really understood what they were talking about at the time. . .and then we look back later in life and finally get it!!

I worked and hoped and wished and worked some more and then it happened!!   SALES!!!  I was getting kind of regular sales but wanted and wondered what it would be like to have twice as many a week or even 10 times as many. I knew I could handle that much business. Wouldn’t it be great if it actually happened by some miracle or act of the Etsy Gods?? Wouldn’t that be great?????

Well, I found out!

Gratefully and happily I must add, I found out right before Christmas what it’s like to have as much and even more business than I could handle and somehow I survived!!!

I found out to the point of almost tears and daily panic attacks and I’m sure if it wasn’t for my wonderful husband who jumped in just when I needed him most I’d still be making and packing up Christmas orders for some very unhappy customers!  Now I’m someone who takes my shop owner responsibilities VERY seriously and keeps close tabs on absolutely everything that goes on in my Etsy shop but in the weeks leading up to Christmas as I continued to watch my number of “outstanding” orders rise, the most wonderful and most terrifying moment was when I noticed one evening that I had over 80 outstanding orders, yes 80!!!! The day before I had 60 something and that didn’t seem quite so unmanageable as 80 did.

Anyway, I did survive and came away with a boatload of new ideas and goals and plans for 2013 and how NOT to let this happen again, or at least not in the same way ~ my family and sanity is at stake!

One thing I’d like to say is please don’t think me ungrateful or complaining because quite the opposite ~ I’m always and eternally grateful for every single sale and thankful to each and every one of my customers! It’s because of each one that I’m allowed to do what I love and I know how lucky that makes me.

A couple new Cookie Dough Creations and Happy 2013!  ~

a gift for Mom...

a gift for Mom…

. . . and one for Dad

. . . and one for Dad

May we all have some “luck o’ the Irish” . . .


For more gorgeous greens check out my most favorite treasury by  ~

                          Kathy @ ~ be sure to visit her shop for

                          a super awesome collection of impeccable year round stitchery!


‘Greens – A Feast for the Eyes’ by SantasStitchery

Apple, meadow, grass, lime, sea-foam, emerald, pine, forest, shamrock, olive – whatever the shade may be, green is a gorgeous color!An ahcteam treasury.

Glass Ornament Painted Insid…


St Patrick’s Day Felt Mo…


St. Patrick’s Day Shamro…


Swirling Paper Stars Earring…


St Patricks Day Wreath, Deco…


6 Vintage Marbles – Greens


Emerald Jungle Salt Dough De…


The luck of the Irish wall h…


CUSTOM made to order 5 PieCe…


Emerald Green Majestic Squir…


wired ribbon wedding party d…


Lace iPad Sleeve, Shimmery S…


St Patricks Day Ornament Han…


Shamrock Bowl Fillers Salt D…


St Patrick Day Deco Mesh Wre…


Easter Egg Ornament Made Fro…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house


2 Responses to “Careful what you wish for. . .”

  1. Darleen Says:

    Love this! Everything rings true! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, hopes and dreams. Thank you for showcasing my St. Patrick Day Deco Mesh Wreath.

  2. Ribbons and Things team Says:

    Very Nice. Thank you for including my ribbon

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